About Us:
Shop Our Turf is made for locals, by locals, to help local Independents. We aim to connect your town’s independent stores with local communities through an online experiential format that empowers customers to support what’s on their doorstep instead of ordering all online. Our team has 18 years of combined experience in tech, and all come from towns and villages across the Midlands. Together, we believe the best place to start making a difference is in your own backyard. At Shop Our Turf, we are all about restoring balance to the high street by creating opportunities for your local independents that are as inspired by you as we are by them.
How we work

All our work is inspired by the tenacity of our unique independents that have so much to offer. We are motivated by what fuels these partners– communities. By connecting the high street to the digital age, you can hold the contents of a local shop in the palm of your hands. Whatever item you are seeking, we are in the business of creating a tailor-made high street experience just for you. And this isn’t just confined to retail therapy; bars, bistros and cafes are all part of the local experience we offer.

Together, we can support passionate independent owners who care about bringing quality, beautiful and sustainable goods and services to their customers. We all know this online world isn’t going anywhere, so it’s all about how we can get our beloved independents at that the heart of that by bringing them to your fingertips. Allowing you to shop, view, book and plan your days out in your local towns, giving you authenticity wherever you go.