How will it benefits your local area shopping locally?
    • Boosting the local economy: When you shop at local independent businesses, the money you spend stays within the community. These businesses are more likely to source goods and services from local suppliers, which means the money they generate circulates within the community, creating a multiplier effect.
    • Creating jobs: Local independent businesses are more likely to hire local people, which means that by supporting them, you are helping to create jobs within your community.
    • Fostering a sense of community: Local independent businesses are often owned and run by members of the local community. By supporting these businesses, you are helping to foster a sense of community pride and identity.
    • Preserving local character: Independent businesses often have a unique character and charm that reflects the local area. By supporting them, you are helping to preserve the distinctive character of your community.
    • Encouraging innovation: Local independent businesses are more likely to be innovative and responsive to local needs and trends. By supporting them, you are helping to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship within your community.
What are the environmental benefits if you choose to shop locally?
    • Reduced Carbon Footprint: As I mentioned earlier, local independent businesses tend to source their products and materials locally, which reduces the need for long-distance transportation and can significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation.
    • Promotion of Sustainable Practices: Independent businesses in the UK are often more likely to adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing waste and using eco-friendly products or packaging, which can help to further reduce carbon emissions associated with production and waste disposal.
    • Protection of Natural Resources: Local independent businesses in the UK may be more likely to use sustainable practices when sourcing their materials, which can help to protect natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of production.
    • Contribution to Local Economy: Supporting local independent businesses in the UK can help to contribute to the local economy and create jobs, which can help to build a more sustainable and resilient community.
    • Independent retailers use 3.6 times less space per £1000 of retail sales compared to chain stores, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.
How do you get discounts?
    • Getting discounts very much depends on what the stores chooses to share as we believe its their decision on what discounts and offers they make. However, the more you interact with stores via visiting them or on the Shop Our Turf platform, the more likely they are send you an offer! Keep supporting and you will get the value back
How do I collect my order?
    • Once you have purchased via the Shop Our Turf app or website, take in the email confirmation into the store for you to collect the item you purchased
How do I book a table at a restaurant:
    • Select the time and dates you are interested in dinning at one of the restaurants and the restaurant will let you know if they have availability
How do I /create an account?
How do I contact support?
Can I amend and cancel my order?
    • Yes, the stores will be notified and you will receive full payment
I have a discount code, how can I use it?
    • Once you receive a promotion code via the application, you can take that code into the stores where the stores can scan your code to accept and realise your discount